Wednesday, 3 February 2016

dear { january } 2016

Dear January,

Thank you for:

* control
* 2016
* washi tape cake flags
* washi tape rosettes
* miss milly & the woodpecker love houses
* bergbruidjie

{ control }
My word for 2016.
God is in control.
Inspired by Casey Wiegand ( find her over here: )

{ 2016 }
Here's to a new year!
New ideas. New things.

{ washi tape cake flags }
These popular pretties will make an appearance at Ideas Trunkshow too! They turn any cupcake or cake into a dream!

{ washi tape rosettes }
Aren't these just too cute? They look adorable on a gift!


{ miss milly & the woodpecker love houses }
I can't get over these sets of wooden houses! They are all packaged with lots of love and ribbon and ready for Ideas Trunkshow.

{ bergbruidjie }
I ordered something very special for myself and my friend Elmien (whom is helping me at my stall at Ideas Trunkshow from 4 - 6 March at Gallagher estate, Midrand) from Bergbruidjie. { Just be patient as all will be revealed then! } I just love the pretty packaging and the beautiful logo. So much attention to detail!

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