Wednesday, 2 December 2015

dear { october }

Dear October,

Thank you for:

* the DIY Milly box
* clipboard combo
* lace. lace and more lace
* #lanklewedieclipboard
* a beautifully wrapped gift
* the Miss Milly craft room
* washi tape notebooks
* a dash of floral and a dollop of colour

{ the DIY Milly box }
The DIY Milly box is defintely on top of my favorite list! It makes the perfect gift. It contains every things you need to add your own personal, creative touch to a gift! And it comes packaged in a box so that all your wrapping goodies are kept together.

{ clipboard combo }
The clipboard combo was a definite favorite for a teachers' gifts in October!

{ lace. lace and more lace }
If I could have lace curtains in front of every window in our house and lace table cloths over every table, my vintage soul would be happy. I bought these pretties to use in the DIY Milly boxes and love the dirty pink and soft blue for a bit of a different touch.

{ #lanklewedieclipboard }
Now we all know that I am a big supporter of the good old favorite clipboard. Not the good old 80s one but the young, pretty version from Miss Milly. I use mine very single day. It has my monthly schedule clipped to it and the other one I use to display a favorite quote that I change as my mood changes. They are in my signature vintage floral washi tape.
I had a lovely order from a customer that requested the 'growing hearts" washi tape (as I refer to it). I painted the masonite clipboard in a very soft pink and then used the washi tape and the result was something very beautiful! I am so glad that I have customers that make me try different things from time to time :)


{ a beautifully wrapped gift }
Now who doesn't love a pretty gift? I take a very long time to open gifts. Especially if they are wrapped like this! I keep it for a day or so on my desk in my craft room so I can just see and enjoy the prettiness for a bit. Then I open it, a little by little. Taking in each bit of it as I open it. And that's how I believe it should be done. It lets the pretty last a little longer...

{ the miss milly craft room }
My soul finds such peace in my Miss Milly craft room. It is where I have solitude and where my soul recharges. I surround myself with lots of little pretty things and it makes me more creative I believe. One day I will do a photoshoot of my Miss Milly craft room for you to share in the beauty of it.

{ washi tape notebooks }
These brown kraft paper notebooks with blank pages are covered in washi tape. They come in size A5 and A6 and make for the perfect companion when you want to jot down ideas, dreams or scribbles. I decided to change their packaging slightly by creating a band for it and I love how it added a little something special to it and rounded it off nicely.

{ a dash of floral and a dollop of colour }
I tried my hand at some new colours for the washi tape earrings and although I am not a "yellow person" I must admit that the yellow has really grown on me!

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