Monday, 14 December 2015

dear { november }

Dear November,

Thank you for:

* floral vintage washi tape
* washi tape flags on baker's twine
* birthday celebrations
* cake toppers
* seven swans foil print
* gift bags & tags
* painted wood earrings
* painted wood brooches
* washi tape letters

{ floral vintage washi tape }
When I get my hands on these floral vintage washi tape rolls my heart does skip a beat! They are soooooo hard to come by these days and I cherish the short little while that I have them on a roll before I start creating Miss Milly pretties for you with it!

{ washi tape flags on baker's twine }
I designed packaging for these washi tape cake flags on baker's twine and I am very excited about the end result! They are just what you need to dolly up a present!

{ birthday celebrations }
My Miss Milly celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 05 December! I cannot believe that it's been 2 years since I loaded my very first pictures onto Facebook. She has come such a long way and it has been challenging in so many ways over the last year but I am looking forward to the new year and what it has in store for her!

{ cake toppers }
The brand spanking new washi tape cake toppers are definitely what you need for your cake!

{ sevenswans foil print }
My sweetheart ordered me 2 foil prints from Seven Swans stationery and although I have unwrapped and unpacked it - I am waiting for him to be home long enough to put up some ledges in the living room so I can display them :) and then only will I reveal it!

{ gift bags & tags}
Another old favorite I worked on in November is the gift bags and tags. They come with pegs and string and the designs are: heart, bird, baby deer and bird.

{ painted wood earrings }
The wood earrings had a bit of Botox and boast with a lick of paint these days! They are just the cutest earrings ever!

{ painted wood brooches }
... and so does the wood brooches! 

{ washi tape letters }
I try my hand at different things all the time to make sure I keep stimulated! This time round it was Miss Milly's initials I did in washi tape and I am super happy about the way they came out!

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