Saturday, 10 October 2015

dear { september }

Dear September,

Thank you for:

* a gem of a torie jayne book
* soft colours
* lilies

{ a gem of a torie jayne book }
One of my birthday gifts was Craft, Show & Sell by Torie Jayne. It is a book that I have wanted forever. For numerous reasons. So when I received it as a birthday gift, I paged through it for hours before actually starting to read it. It is a visual feast with the most beautiful photographs. And then when you actually start reading it, it reminds you as a small business owner of a few things that you might have forgotten along the way. She is such an inspiration and I love following her on Facebook to see what she gets up to.

{ soft colours }
I tried my hand at a few new colours for Miss Milly's wooden earrings. With names like Beryl Blue, Cloud Grey, Venetian Pink and Dusty Rose you can't really go wrong!

{ lilies }
I waited forever for these lilies to open up and when they finally did, the smell in the kitchen was incredible. Every time I walked in there I was reminded of them, not that I could forget about them because once they started opening up, the are the most magnificent size! Flowers in my house do make me happy. Whether it is a small garden bunch or a more exquisite one like lilies. They all bring about the same feeling!

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