Wednesday, 23 September 2015

dear { august }

Dear August,

Thank you for:

* the LONG weekend
* my birthday
* the DIY milly box
* color kaleidoscope
* my orchid
* new board

{ the LONG weekend }
What can I say? I am a sucker for a long weekend! (Aren't we just all?) That extra day makes you feel like you have been on a holiday! That extra day of sleeping in makes all the difference and refuels you in a way that a public holiday in the middle of the week can never do. Women's day in August is definitely my favorite public holiday because it is the day before my birthday. So it sort of extends my birthday into a pre-celebration! And for a good few years in a row I am privileged to have my birthday on a long weekend :)

{ my birthday }
When you get older it is not all glitter and balloons like when you were 7 years old. Where you would stuff your face with as many cupcakes and sweet things as your little mouth would take. When you reach a certain age it's all about moderation and the ever present fear of the not-so-skinny bottom in the skinny jeans that keeps your hand from reaching for another slice of birthday cake... Me on the other hand, celebrate my birthday like there is not another one to come! When you get older there is also a good dose of wisdom that makes you realize that life is just. too. short to NOT live life to the fullest on your birthday! 
I was spoiled with lunch at Summerfields Rose Retreat & Spa by my sweetheart and there is not a day that goes by that I don't want to go back there. The company. The food. The service. The view. The experience. The ambiance. The wine. The dessert. Just everything about it was absolutely perfect. And we all deserve that one day in a year where we are cherished and loved. And spoiled. And can have things our way :)

{ the DIY milly box }
One of my favorite new Miss Milly products is the DIY Milly box. It is a box filled with blank gift bags, gift cards, wooden pegs and figurines and lace and ric rac - for you to get creative and decorate your gifts for your loved ones in your own special way.

{ color kaleidoscope }
With the temperatures that started to rise, I felt in the mood for some colorful brooches and these beauties were born! They will make the perfect accessory for your wardrobe this coming Spring.

{ my orchid }
I am such an orchid person. And in saying that you would think that I was born on an orchid farm or own at least a room full. However, this is only my third orchid that I ever owned. And I am talking to it every single day to keep it alive. And to make it feel welcome and loved in our home so that it would never want to die or leave. I love walking into the dining room in the morning and see the light through the blinds on it. It makes me happy.

{ new board }
Just in time for Spring - a very pretty new board with all the Miss Milly favorites! From washi tape and chalk paint houses to washi tape brooches and earrings.

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