Monday, 6 July 2015

dear { June }

Dear June,

Thank you for:

* the BIG house move
* the brand spanking new Miss Milly craft room
* new habits
* country road
* the BIG Miss Milly sale
* new pretty Miss Milly story boards

{ the BIG house move }
After 6 incredible years, the opportunity came up to move to a bigger house. The great part of it was the chance to redecorate and start afresh. The not so great part was the packing. And although it was only 4 houses further - it meant every. single. thing. had to be packed and bubble wrapped. But once we were packed and moved and settled in (we are actually still not settled in as there are numerous boxes to be unpacked still...) I could unroll my brand spanking new Hertex carpet in our bedroom and unpack my beautiful Protea cushions from them and collect my re-upholstered chair. And although there are still a lot of things that are not in place, loads of things to be built and hanged, we are so happy and as I am sitting here typing up this post, the winter sun is coming through the window of my craft room and fills my washi heart.


{ the brand spanking new miss milly craft room }
Happiness is... my beautiful new craft room! I am still waiting for my cupboard and bookshelf to arrive, then it has to be sanded down and painted to match the light colours in the room but for now, it is magical! I can't wait to hang my Miss Milly clipboards with their ever changing inspirational quotes and special pictures and of course my wooden houses! There is going to be loads of creativity happening here and I am super excited to share it all with you!

{ new habits }
Winter is the time when I just want to curl up on the couch and read a good book or page through a magazine with a cup of tea. And have chocolate. And chicken curry. And malva pudding. And Vanilla chai tea. I don't want to put on my tekkies and go for a walk or eat salad. But with the move to the new house, came new habits. I decided to dust of my tekkies and go for walks in the afternoon. During the week I try to be as healthy as I can so that on weekends I can indulge if I want to. Because with the wedding around the corner, it is important to keep healthy and fit... So let's see how this pans out... and for how long I can continue before falling back into the "no-self-control" trap that is life.

{ country road }
I stumbled upon these pretty wooden trivets from Country road on Instagram. Now of course there is no Country road store in the Slowveld :( But instead of opting the online order route, my friend summonsed her husband to Sandton City to buy them for me :) I am in love! They are just SO me and fits in really well with my kitchen decor. Now I just need to get the marble one too *nudge-nudge *wink-wink... and the look will be complete!

{ the BIG miss milly sale }
What beats the winter cold in an instant? A mid-year Miss Milly sale! I have plans for some new designs and pretties and placed some of the older ranges on sale. Because old has to make space for new! The sale went really well and I am planning on having a second one later in the year! So make sure you don't lose out on buying a Miss Milly pretty at a really good price :)

{ new pretty Miss Milly story boards }
One of my very favorite things to do, is style story boards for Miss Milly. This time round I opted for soft colours and my favorite vintage floral washi tape products. I love how it came out - they will all be revealed soon!

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