Thursday, 2 July 2015

dear { May }

Dear May,

Thank you for:

* Miss Milly wooden houses
* Miss Milly washi tape brooches
* punch
* pretty in my life
* hello pretty
* maya jade
* beautiful dinners
* planning

{ miss milly wooden houses }
I still love these wooden houses! And of course the washi tape ones are a firm favorite! They are perfect for a nursery or craft room to display anything from nik naks to pretties!

{ miss milly washi tape brooches }
These washi tape brooches in vintage floral will go perfect with a soft duck egg blue scarf this winter! Or any scarf for that matter :)

{ punch }
I created these pretty paper doilies with a punch! They are great to use as base plates. I love my collection of punches because you can create all kinds of pretties with them!

{ pretty in my life }
I am one of those people that need pretty in my life. And loads of it. My pretty lies in the simple things like a vintage milk jug from my beloved Ouma with fresh blooms and some floral fabric in a soft mint... These are the things that make me happy!

{ hello pretty }
After, what felt like FOREVER, Miss Milly finally launched an online store on Hello Pretty! So you can order straight from here :) Hello Pretty creates an awesome platform for YOU to buy quality pretties directly from local designers! Make sure you hop on over to go and feast on the pretties!

{ maya jade }
How incredibly beautiful is this fabric called Maya Jade from Hertex Fabrics? When Miss Milly won the prettiest stall at Tierlantyn'kies Kuier & Koopfees, the prize was a Hertex voucher. I can't wait to go and collect all my lovely things from the showroom!

{ beautiful dinners }
I don't know about you but I love eating at a table. Every single meal. There is something beautiful about setting a table and sitting down to enjoy a meal. Even though it might be something simple or small. I use a variety of things that I have collected over the years and sometimes it really is a whole mix up of things that comes together nicely in the end. My favorite colors at the moment are mint green, duck egg and white... The runner, placemats, base plates, napkins, bowls and small plates (used as coasters here) are all from Mr Price Home.

{ planning }
I like being organized. And making endless lists. And writing things down. All the time. With a busy schedule for the month of June I had to be well prepared and I took some time out to plan a few things for Miss Milly for the month of June. So make sure you keep returning to see what is coming up because June is going to be interesting. And July even more so!

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