Monday, 4 May 2015

dear { April }

Dear April,

Thank you for:

* Miss Milly #saynotoxenophobia
* the joy of wrapping pretties
* washi tape gifts tags
* pincushion wooden brooches
* mini set with cards & envelopes and gift tags

{ miss milly #saynotoxenophobia }
I was very touched and saddened by the Xenophobic attacks that broke out in our beloved country and although Miss Milly is all about pretty and happy, it doesn't mean that I will not join forces with the creative world to show support!

{ the joy of wrapping pretties }
It is so simple to turn an ordinary looking item into something pretty! All you need is a teeny tiny bit of imagination, a punch and some washi tape. And voila! 

{ washi tape gift tags }
I bought a soft grey with roses design washi tape that I combined with a solid grey washi tape and made these gift tags. I used my border punch to add a bit of something different to it and can't wait for a celebration to come up so that I can add one of these to my gift.

{ pincushion wooden brooches }
The pincushion design is definitely one of my favorites. They are so delicate and feminine with their doily shapes.

{ mini set with cards & envelopes and gift tags }
I decided to create mini sets. These are a combination of all the favorites with the difference that it comes packaged together. It consists of 6 cards & envelopes ( baby deer, heart, owl, fox, bunny and bird {sparrow} ), 12 gift tags with pegs and string in a circle shape as well as a tag shape.

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