Monday, 5 January 2015

{ dear } December

Dear December,

Thank you for:

* ribbon
* new: notebooks, rosettes and bows
* skukuza Christmas market
* our engagement
* planning the #mcgillbruilof
* Christmas
* ladybug luck
* Jesus

{ ribbon }
I love ribbon. Almost as much as I love washi tape! And whenever I am in a haberdashery I cannot resist to buy a few pretty designs. They are perfect for anything!

{ new: notebooks, rosettes and bows }
I played around and came up with some new notebook designs. I am totally obsessed with the mint and blush washi tape and incorporated it with my all time favorite washi tape: vintage floral! I also made some rosettes and bows { they will be available in the new year }. These are perfect to decorate your gifts and give it a Miss Milly touch.

{ skukuza Christmas market }
I had the privilege to take Miss Milly to the Skukuza Christmas martket, held at the Skukuza nursery in the Kruger National park. Despite the rain and terrible weather, it was a lovely event!

{ our engagement }
Yes! It finally happened. My sweet love asked me for my hand in marriage! What an incredible special moment. I am still walking around with a pretty large smile and stars in my eyes and keep looking at my oh so pretty oval diamond! I can't wait for the #mcgillbruilof { YES! We have a hasthag! }

{ planning the #mcgillbruilof }
After catching my 3rd bouquet { read all about it here } I was really hoping that the next bouquet would actually be thrown! So finally it is my turn to plan a wedding. I am super excited and nervous at the same time. Nervous because I have so many new and exciting things planned for Miss Milly this year, another Tierlantyn'kies market at the end of March and of course the #mcgillbruilof. And in between: my real grown-up job. Hence I am taking the first 3 months of 2015 to give all my love and devotion to Miss Milly and thereafter my whole self, to planning the #mcgillbruilof. I am dreaming and scouting so much in between Miss Milly stuff, but it seems to be a good balance and although it is really hard not to start crafting on any wedding stuff - I am just soaking up and enjoying every minute of just being engaged.

{ Christmas }
My two favorite times of the year is definitely Easter and Christmas. And not because of the Easter eggs and Christmas father but because of the real meaning behind it. And my wish is always the same: that people will remember among the tinsel and washi tape, the real reason we celebrate this season.

{ ladybug luck }
For the first time in a very long time my sweet love and I actually took a break during December. We spent some quality time together and really just relaxed. On the last morning of our holiday, while sitting outside and having a cup of coffee, a ladybird landed on my hand. I managed to snap it just in time before it left my life. They say that a ladybird represents luck... well I don't believe much in that but I enjoyed the moment.

{ Jesus }
One our way back, I saw this on the mountain. It was incredible moment and although man-made, still remarkable. I choose Jesus for 2015. 

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