Wednesday, 7 January 2015

{ 2014 } a year in review


What an incredible year it has been! With so many memories made, so many lessons learnt, so many dreams coming true!

Here's to much more pretty in 2015. Much more happiness. Much more washi tape. And much more inspiration!

{ may }
the birth of the clipboard { read the original post here }

"I have collected and pinned { follow me on Pinterest } so many washi tape clip boards... but kept on procrastinating to make one. I even went as far as to buy a raw one. Until my friend Tasha, forced me to actually make one. She sent me a picture of one and commissioned me to make her some for her new office. And so I made one for myself as prototype for her. I was in love!"

{ june }
new blog series: for the love of color { read the original post here }

"I launched a new blog series: for the love of colorI will reveal one favorite color per month; in all it's shades and hues and tones, and I will combine it with treasured trinkets, things I love and cherish and find pretty."


{ july }
ideas magazine / idees tydskrif { read the original post here }

"It was such an awesome day when I opened the Ideas magazine / Idees tydskrif for July 2014 and found a little snippet on Miss Milly! It was a proud moment for me as only I will know the amount of hours and tears and hard work that went into the last few months since I started with Miss Milly. I am a big fan of this magazine and to be mentioned in it, is a great honor!"

{ august }
new laser cut designs { read the original post here }

"I collected some new laser cut designs that I is in the process of becoming new products for Tierlantyn'kies in October. Among it all I found a cross - a reminder of His presence at all times..."

september }
new product: tealight candles in glass jars { read the original post here }

"I liked the idea of making tealight candles wrapped in washi tape... however it came with a few challenges. I decided to package it in glass jars so that it can serve as a gift to someone. It comes with a gift tag that matches the washi tape used on the tealight candles and is such a great gift idea!

{ october }
tierlantyn'kies { read the original post here }

"The highlight of my October was definitely the Tierlantyn'kies Kuier & Koopfees. And I am still gloating. And probably will for a very long time...

{ november }
miss milly's first birthday { read the original post here }

"Miss Milly celebrated her FIRST birthday!"

{ december }
our engagement { read the original post here }

"Yes! It finally happened. My sweet love asked me for my hand in marriage! What an incredible special moment. I am still walking around with a pretty large smile and stars in my eyes and keep looking at my oh so pretty oval diamond! I can't wait for the #mcgillbruilof { YES! We have a hasthag! }

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