Monday, 14 December 2015

dear { november }

Dear November,

Thank you for:

* floral vintage washi tape
* washi tape flags on baker's twine
* birthday celebrations
* cake toppers
* seven swans foil print
* gift bags & tags
* painted wood earrings
* painted wood brooches
* washi tape letters

{ floral vintage washi tape }
When I get my hands on these floral vintage washi tape rolls my heart does skip a beat! They are soooooo hard to come by these days and I cherish the short little while that I have them on a roll before I start creating Miss Milly pretties for you with it!

{ washi tape flags on baker's twine }
I designed packaging for these washi tape cake flags on baker's twine and I am very excited about the end result! They are just what you need to dolly up a present!

{ birthday celebrations }
My Miss Milly celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 05 December! I cannot believe that it's been 2 years since I loaded my very first pictures onto Facebook. She has come such a long way and it has been challenging in so many ways over the last year but I am looking forward to the new year and what it has in store for her!

{ cake toppers }
The brand spanking new washi tape cake toppers are definitely what you need for your cake!

{ sevenswans foil print }
My sweetheart ordered me 2 foil prints from Seven Swans stationery and although I have unwrapped and unpacked it - I am waiting for him to be home long enough to put up some ledges in the living room so I can display them :) and then only will I reveal it!

{ gift bags & tags}
Another old favorite I worked on in November is the gift bags and tags. They come with pegs and string and the designs are: heart, bird, baby deer and bird.

{ painted wood earrings }
The wood earrings had a bit of Botox and boast with a lick of paint these days! They are just the cutest earrings ever!

{ painted wood brooches }
... and so does the wood brooches! 

{ washi tape letters }
I try my hand at different things all the time to make sure I keep stimulated! This time round it was Miss Milly's initials I did in washi tape and I am super happy about the way they came out!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

dear { october }

Dear October,

Thank you for:

* the DIY Milly box
* clipboard combo
* lace. lace and more lace
* #lanklewedieclipboard
* a beautifully wrapped gift
* the Miss Milly craft room
* washi tape notebooks
* a dash of floral and a dollop of colour

{ the DIY Milly box }
The DIY Milly box is defintely on top of my favorite list! It makes the perfect gift. It contains every things you need to add your own personal, creative touch to a gift! And it comes packaged in a box so that all your wrapping goodies are kept together.

{ clipboard combo }
The clipboard combo was a definite favorite for a teachers' gifts in October!

{ lace. lace and more lace }
If I could have lace curtains in front of every window in our house and lace table cloths over every table, my vintage soul would be happy. I bought these pretties to use in the DIY Milly boxes and love the dirty pink and soft blue for a bit of a different touch.

{ #lanklewedieclipboard }
Now we all know that I am a big supporter of the good old favorite clipboard. Not the good old 80s one but the young, pretty version from Miss Milly. I use mine very single day. It has my monthly schedule clipped to it and the other one I use to display a favorite quote that I change as my mood changes. They are in my signature vintage floral washi tape.
I had a lovely order from a customer that requested the 'growing hearts" washi tape (as I refer to it). I painted the masonite clipboard in a very soft pink and then used the washi tape and the result was something very beautiful! I am so glad that I have customers that make me try different things from time to time :)


{ a beautifully wrapped gift }
Now who doesn't love a pretty gift? I take a very long time to open gifts. Especially if they are wrapped like this! I keep it for a day or so on my desk in my craft room so I can just see and enjoy the prettiness for a bit. Then I open it, a little by little. Taking in each bit of it as I open it. And that's how I believe it should be done. It lets the pretty last a little longer...

{ the miss milly craft room }
My soul finds such peace in my Miss Milly craft room. It is where I have solitude and where my soul recharges. I surround myself with lots of little pretty things and it makes me more creative I believe. One day I will do a photoshoot of my Miss Milly craft room for you to share in the beauty of it.

{ washi tape notebooks }
These brown kraft paper notebooks with blank pages are covered in washi tape. They come in size A5 and A6 and make for the perfect companion when you want to jot down ideas, dreams or scribbles. I decided to change their packaging slightly by creating a band for it and I love how it added a little something special to it and rounded it off nicely.

{ a dash of floral and a dollop of colour }
I tried my hand at some new colours for the washi tape earrings and although I am not a "yellow person" I must admit that the yellow has really grown on me!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

{ miss milly birthday giveaway } competition

To celebrate Miss Milly's 2nd birthday some really pretty Miss Milly washi tape products to the value of R710-00 can be won in the Miss Milly birthday giveaway!

* 1 x frame
* 2 wooden keyrings
* 2 magnetic notebooks
* 2 plain notebooks
* 3 wooden pegs
* set of 6 cards & envelopes
* set of 6 heart shaped gift tags
* set of 6 cake flags
* 1 rosette
* 2 maxi brooches
* 1 doily brooch
* 2 midi brooches
* 1 washi tape brooch
* pair of washi tape earrings
* 4 pairs of wooden earrings

{how to enter }
* like Miss Milly page on Facebook { find it here }
* share Miss Milly page on Facebook
* like any of the birthday giveaway posts
* share any of the birthday giveaway posts
* tag a friend (or two) in any of the birthday giveaway posts by typing their name(s) in the comment box below the post
... and you are entered!

Competition closes on Sunday, 15th November 2015 and winner to be announced on Monday, 16th November 2015.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

dear { september }

Dear September,

Thank you for:

* a gem of a torie jayne book
* soft colours
* lilies

{ a gem of a torie jayne book }
One of my birthday gifts was Craft, Show & Sell by Torie Jayne. It is a book that I have wanted forever. For numerous reasons. So when I received it as a birthday gift, I paged through it for hours before actually starting to read it. It is a visual feast with the most beautiful photographs. And then when you actually start reading it, it reminds you as a small business owner of a few things that you might have forgotten along the way. She is such an inspiration and I love following her on Facebook to see what she gets up to.

{ soft colours }
I tried my hand at a few new colours for Miss Milly's wooden earrings. With names like Beryl Blue, Cloud Grey, Venetian Pink and Dusty Rose you can't really go wrong!

{ lilies }
I waited forever for these lilies to open up and when they finally did, the smell in the kitchen was incredible. Every time I walked in there I was reminded of them, not that I could forget about them because once they started opening up, the are the most magnificent size! Flowers in my house do make me happy. Whether it is a small garden bunch or a more exquisite one like lilies. They all bring about the same feeling!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

dear { august }

Dear August,

Thank you for:

* the LONG weekend
* my birthday
* the DIY milly box
* color kaleidoscope
* my orchid
* new board

{ the LONG weekend }
What can I say? I am a sucker for a long weekend! (Aren't we just all?) That extra day makes you feel like you have been on a holiday! That extra day of sleeping in makes all the difference and refuels you in a way that a public holiday in the middle of the week can never do. Women's day in August is definitely my favorite public holiday because it is the day before my birthday. So it sort of extends my birthday into a pre-celebration! And for a good few years in a row I am privileged to have my birthday on a long weekend :)

{ my birthday }
When you get older it is not all glitter and balloons like when you were 7 years old. Where you would stuff your face with as many cupcakes and sweet things as your little mouth would take. When you reach a certain age it's all about moderation and the ever present fear of the not-so-skinny bottom in the skinny jeans that keeps your hand from reaching for another slice of birthday cake... Me on the other hand, celebrate my birthday like there is not another one to come! When you get older there is also a good dose of wisdom that makes you realize that life is just. too. short to NOT live life to the fullest on your birthday! 
I was spoiled with lunch at Summerfields Rose Retreat & Spa by my sweetheart and there is not a day that goes by that I don't want to go back there. The company. The food. The service. The view. The experience. The ambiance. The wine. The dessert. Just everything about it was absolutely perfect. And we all deserve that one day in a year where we are cherished and loved. And spoiled. And can have things our way :)

{ the DIY milly box }
One of my favorite new Miss Milly products is the DIY Milly box. It is a box filled with blank gift bags, gift cards, wooden pegs and figurines and lace and ric rac - for you to get creative and decorate your gifts for your loved ones in your own special way.

{ color kaleidoscope }
With the temperatures that started to rise, I felt in the mood for some colorful brooches and these beauties were born! They will make the perfect accessory for your wardrobe this coming Spring.

{ my orchid }
I am such an orchid person. And in saying that you would think that I was born on an orchid farm or own at least a room full. However, this is only my third orchid that I ever owned. And I am talking to it every single day to keep it alive. And to make it feel welcome and loved in our home so that it would never want to die or leave. I love walking into the dining room in the morning and see the light through the blinds on it. It makes me happy.

{ new board }
Just in time for Spring - a very pretty new board with all the Miss Milly favorites! From washi tape and chalk paint houses to washi tape brooches and earrings.

Friday, 28 August 2015

diy milly box {{new}}

This month the new { diy milly box } was launched!

The box contains a set of:
6 small white flat bags
6 medium white flat bags
6 raw wooden pegs
6 blank gift tags
6 blank heart gift tags
6 blank round gift tags
50 cm lace
50 cm string
50 cm ric rac

All these are blank for you to decorate to your heart's desire.

These are packaged together and is the perfect gift for a friend or yourself. You will always have a card or gift tag available for those unexpected gifts that have to be wrapped at the last minute. You can then decorate according to your own colour scheme or theme. You can give your creativity wings with Miss Milly!

If you would like to place an order, send an email to Miss Milly at missmillysa(@)gmail(dot)com xoxox

Monday, 17 August 2015

{ the serious deal box of love } from Elephantshoe Stationery Studio

The serious I love you box. The box of love. And so much more. It has become a reminder to me that life is short. And it is pretty.

Order that box now. Because tomorrow it might not be available anymore. Use that stamp now. Because tomorrow your inkpad might be dry. Use that baker's twine now. Because tomorrow your scissors might be blunt.

I wish I had ordered mine earlier. I wish I subscribed to the monthly I love you boxes. I wish I ordered the Save the date stamp for our wedding.

But I didn't. Because tomorrow was another day. And the day thereafter. And now it's too late :(

I gave a good few ballerina jumps when I received my box from Elephantshoe Stationery Studio. I have known about this box but procrastinated day after day to order it. Then the news came on their blog that they are packing up to leave for the UK and that orders were closing for The Serious deal box of love. I was onto that order page quicker than you can say C for "Serious deal box of love" to order mine!

When it arrived and opened it, I sat in the car and took a deep breath because I realised that I will have this moment once and never again. I will never open another box like this. And in that moment a whole lot of things ran through my mind. 

A day will come to an end. And you will never get to have it again. A moment will pass. And you will never get to have it again. A chance will come. And you will never get to have it again. Life will end as you know it. And you will never get to live it again.

My Serious deal box of love was filled to the brim with pretties. The attention to detail is unbelievable. You feel so loved when you take the ribbon off. You feel like someone out there, thought of you and took the time to put pretty things together. Just for you.

My Serious deal box of love contains:
> Pink and grey bitty bags { Yay for pretty wrapping! }
> Pink fridge magnets { Every fridge deserves to be pretty }
> The tiniest gift tag with pegs and string
> Pink striped paper cups
> Baker's twine
> Just love Tattly temporary tattoo in gold { yay for pretty! }
> A Falala lalala lalala stamp { I am so gonna stamp my heart out! }
> Chalkboard stickers { Yayness! }

> My weekly planner { So needed for this bride-to-be because juggling between a grown up work, the #mcgillbruilof and Miss Milly takes serious planning! }
> A variety of gift tags and cards with envelopes

I have said it before and I will say it again:
"Thank you Sam for creating a box, filled with pretties and so much more. Thank you for reminding me with this box that: "Laundry is for later, love is for now." Wishing you and James and Mushroom all the happiness in the world in the UK! May there be loads of new rainbows to chase and dreams to dream!"

I will miss every. single. Elephantshoe photo on Instagram and Facebook. You have been an inspiration for me with my Miss Milly in many ways and I will keep following the Elephant to see where Life takes her...

Monday, 3 August 2015

dear { july }

Dear July,

Thank you for:

* pretty orders
* pretty flowers
* pretty lovilee
* pretty planning
* pretty parcels
* pretty eleshoe
* pretty boxes
* pretty craft room
* pretty tissue paper
* pretty life

Well, let's just say - thank you for all the prettiness :)

{ pretty orders }
I have always loved opening a pretty present. That moment when you receive it and you can't stop looking at it. Not ready to open it because you don't want to ruin the pretty packaging and savor it for a little while longer... 

Well that's what I want for every one receiving a Miss Milly pretty. A moment where you sit and think, I want to savor this moment for a little while longer. I hope all the pretty orders that went out to Miss Milly's friends, made them feel like just that!

{ pretty flowers }
There's a saying that goes: "When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other." Well I would leave the bread and buy a roll of washi tape instead...
Flowers make me happy. And you will always find them in our house. There is something about walking past them that brings comfort to my heart.

{ pretty lovilee }
It was so lovely to be part of the 2015 Lovilee Networking event that was hosted by KaRi from Lovilee, together with the creative ladies from M.Studio and Match Set Love. Miss Milly sent them some pretty washi pegs to take home with them!

{ pretty planning }
I am a serious list maker. Planner. I write down EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. And I plan. And make lists and lists within lists. And Miss Milly have some very exciting things planned for the second half of this year. { Where oh where, has the time gone? }

{ pretty parcels }
Wrapping pretty parcels are so easy and doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. And it is as simple as taking a bitty bag, close it up with some washi tape, add a card and envelope { from Miss Milly }, add an ombre heart-shaped sticker { from Oulik } and some ric rac from your local haberdashery shop and round it off with a washi tape cake flag { from Miss Milly }. And voila! You are good to deliver!

{ pretty eleshoe }
I gave a good few ballerina jumps when I received my box from Elephantshoe Stationery Studio. It is filled with the pretties of pretty stationery goodies and I cannot wait to start using it!

{ pretty boxes }
The new craft room needs some new pretty boxes for storage. I found these pastel colored ones from Mr Price Home and they come in various sizes. Perfect for all my craft niks naks!

{ pretty craft room }
Finally the craft room is super sorted and ready for some serious crafting! Can't wait to create Miss Milly pretties in here!

{ pretty tissue paper }
I am such a Mr Price Home fan! I found these pretty tissue papers at my local store and they are just what you need to wrap gifts!

{ pretty life }
I bought this incredibly beautiful real leather handbag from Poetry in March 2013 but kept it safely wrapped in its tissue paper... for one day. Feeling too sorry for it to use it. I took it out to start using it... because tomorrow might never come and I would never have had the opportunity to know what it feels like hanging over my shoulder.

Life is too short not to use your pretties... too short to keep it wrapped up for one day.

Monday, 27 July 2015

diy card & tag set {{ new }}

Something simple.
Something diy.
Something new.

This month the new diy card & gift tag set was launched!

It is a set of 6 heart-shaped gifts tags, 6 gift tags and 6 cards & envelopes, all blank for you to decorate to your heart's desire.


These sets are packaged together and is the perfect gift for a friend or yourself. You will always have a card or gift tag available for those unexpected gifts that have to be wrapped at the last minute. You can then decorate according to your own colour scheme or theme. You can give your creativity wings with Miss Milly!


If you would like to place an order, send an email to Miss Milly at missmillysa(@)gmail(dot)com xoxox