Wednesday, 31 December 2014

blog series: for the love of { color } #007 blue

{ #007 blue }

Blue. When I think about blue, the sky comes up. And the feathers of a blue wax-bill bird. And the color of my beloved Ouma's eyes. It's also the color of most Tuesday mornings for me. 

Blue is tranquil and peaceful and represents harmony and serenity...

featured above... clockwise from top left }

* Typo heart pen
* Dragonfly hair clip
* Ribbon
* Nick-nack
* Bracelet
* Grandmother's handmade pewter clip-on earrings
* Washi tape
* Glitter

Monday, 22 December 2014

blog series: for the love of { color } #006 grey

{ #006 grey }

Grey. I know. The color can just never be grey anymore. It has to be associated with a shade :p. Grey is beautiful when teamed up with a dusty pink - and it is less harsh than black. Hence me using it for my Miss Milly logo. I have a vision of a little baby's room in white with accents of soft grey and pink.

Grey is a neutral colour...

{ featured above... clockwise from top left }

* Heart-shaped bowl
* Shoe from my mother's wedding cake
* Shades of grey washi tape
* Paper mache newspaper bunnies
* Pewter fairies

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

blog series: for the love of { color } #005 cream

{ #005 cream }

Cream. When I think about it I go straight to my happy place. And there are so many sides to it: ivory, vanilla, antique, eggshell, old white. When these colors are layered they can create the most amazing space. It is softer than white and gives depth to things and spaces.

Cream is a very elegant color that represents calm and purity...

featured above... clockwise from top left }

* Lace
* Piet the fairy. My dad bought it for me. Hence the name.
* Wall hanging
* Heart-shaped bowl
* My pearl and gold earrings. For one day.
* Hearts
* Bobby pin

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

{ dear } November

Dear November,

Thank you for:

* Movember
* Miss Milly's first birthday
* glitter
* 1 800 likes
* rosettes
* new cover photos
* wreath doodles
* 2015

{ movember }
November is of course the month of the mustache and Miss Milly jumped right on the bandwagon with some washi tape cards & envelopes. 

{ miss milly's first birthday }
Miss Milly celebrated her FIRST birthday! Go on and read all about it here.

{ glitter }
I tried my hand at glitter as it is another of my obsessions... The boy and girls reminds me a little of Bella and Edward from Twilight when they run in the sun but what the heck! They are pretty and bling! They will be available soon!

{ 1 800 likes }
Miss Milly reached 1 800 likes! It is unbelievable! Thank you to each and every one that likes and shares and loves Miss Milly!

{ rosettes }
I have been playing around with some new ideas. (And of course there was some washi tape involved!) And came up with these rosettes. They can be used to decorate gifts or whatever makes your heart flutter! They will be available soon :)

{ new cover photos }
My sweetheart took some pretty pictures for my cover photo for Miss Milly's Facebook page. I loved putting it all together and plan to do a new one at least once a month next year!

{ wreath doodles }
I have been in love with wreaths for as long as I can remember. In all its forms. In particular illustrated ones. So the other night I tried my hand at it... 

{ 2015 }
I am SUPER ready for 2015! I bought myself a real pretty planner from Typo and the desk calender is a gift from my tiny friend for Christmas. I am slightly obsessed with planning as I have
* a planner on my laptop,
* one that I print out and stick on my clipboard, 
* then I have my actual diary,
* a desk planner, 
* as well as a small one in my handbag...
It is an absolute nightmare to get them all coordinated (not because I am so busy, but because there are just so many!) Maybe I need to scale down?!