Monday, 3 November 2014

{ dear } October

Dear October,

Thank you for:

* Tierlantyn'kies
* waardevol on kyknet
* magnets
* bunting
* cupcake flags
* meraki

{ tierlantyn'kies }
The highlight of my October was definitely the Tierlantyn'kies Kuier & Koopfees. And I am still gloating. And probably will for a very long time... If you missed out on this opportunity to take home something pretty from Miss Milly, send me an email for a catalogue { }.


{ waardevol on kyknet }
Miss Milly was featured as part of the Tierlantyn'kies insert on Waardevol on Kyknet. It was such an honor to be part of it! Elma Postma the beautiful presenter is even more beautiful in real life!

{ magnets }
The magnets was launched at Tierlantyn'kies and such a hit! The best way to prettify your fridge, is to stock up on some magnets for it. They are lasercut wood and painted in Miss Milly's signature colors: grey, pink and blue and the woodland characters that is so true to Miss Milly style.

{ bunting }
Beautiful fabric bunting is another new Miss Milly addition! They come in 1.5m and 2m but can also be custom made. The colors are pretty pastels (as always!) and range from floral, checks, polka dots to stripes. And they are double sided - bonus! It is so versatile and can be used to decorate a party, a stoep, or a window!

{ cupcake flags }
The cupcake flags are still one of my favorite Miss Milly products. The quickest way to doll up any cupcake or cake!

{ meraki }
This black board that my friend Elmien, wrote for me in her beautiful handwriting, sums up the essence of Miss Milly.


"this is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself ( your soul, creativity, or love ) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it."

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