Thursday, 4 September 2014

{ dear } August

Dear August,

Thank you for:

* motex labeller
* new packaging { set of gift bags - & tags & gift tags }
* new laser cut designs
* women's day
* washi tape
* washi tape brooches
* squirrel love
* for the love of color: brown
* new products { brooches & washi tape tins }
* more new products

{ motex labeller }
I am officially a fan of the Motex labeller! Such a gem for any craft room!

{ new packaging: set of gift bags - & tags & gift tags }
Finally new packaging for the set of gift bags & - tags and the tags itself! I love how it came out in the end - what do you think? It is SO Miss Milly...

{ new laser cut designs }
I collected some new laser cut designs that I is in the process of becoming new products for Tierlantyn'kies in October. Among it all I found a cross - a reminder of His presence at all times...

{ women's day }
We celebrated Women's day and as always a pretty and special day for us ladies!

{ washi tape }
Really pretty washi tape I received as gift from my friendy Elmien, from Owl & Fox. Can't wait to actually start using it!

{ washi tape brooches }
Still a firm favorite - the washi tape brooches! I just can't get enough of the birds!If you would like to see some more, head on over to Miss Milly's page on Facebook.

{ squirrel love }
I just adore the squirrel design and the color combination in the notebooks!

{ blog series: for the love of color: brown }
The color brown featured in this month's blog series: for the love of colorIf you missed the post, go and read all about it here.

{ new products: brooches & washi tape tins }
The colorful new midi wood brooches are just a fresh addition - just in time for Spring!

The versatile washi tape tins are all ready for Tierlantyn'kies coming up... still a few to make though :) They can be used to keep your pens, paint brushes, make-up brushes, even some pretty flowers!

{ more new products }
I have a few nembies up my washi tape sleeve - they will be launched in October! So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them! This is just a sneak peak of the craft process...

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