Monday, 4 August 2014

the { BIG } reveal

If there is something that I really battle with, then it is to keep a surprise. I am good at keeping secrets but when it comes to a surprise... I have to admit that it really is not one of my strong points!

In my early twenties I was invited to a lady friend's kitchen tea. As it was my first one ever to attend, I didn't know that these things are meant to be kept as surprises. So a few days before her kitchen tea, she phoned me up and asked me if I will go with her to buy something she still needed for the wedding, on the coming weekend. My reply was: "But isn't it your kitchen tea this weekend?"... and with that reply I was pulled right into the world of not keeping surprises. And I have forever battled with it. 

Needless to say I am always the one blurting out what I bought as a gift for someone. A very sad state of affairs if you ask anyone in my life. I've had conversations like this before: "Do you want to know what I bought you for your birthday?" Mark: "No babe." Me: "Oh, okay. But I am gonna tell you anyway! I bought you an Orbital sander and Jigsaw. They were on promotion at Builders Warehouse." And there goes the surprise element. Right out the window.

So with this secret that I have been living with since 05th May 2014 @ 12:10 ( I know the exact date and time because I still have not deleted the call log on my phone... to remind myself constantly that it is not a dream!) it has been a daily battle not to blurt it out on Facebook or my blog. I decided to instead, keep it interesting for all of you and stretch out the feeling for a little while longer!

So here's how I am gonna stretch it: I will compile some clues, leading up to the { BIG } reveal... the only condition is that my friends and family are not allowed to comment as they all know! I will do it over the next few weeks, so keep a look out every Monday morning and then on { spring day } all will be revealed.

Do you have any idea what the { BIG } reveal is???

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