Tuesday, 5 August 2014

{ dear } July

Dear July,

Thank you for:

* ideas magazine / idees tydskrif
* frilly socks
* washi tape
* annie sloan chalk paint
* jelly tots
* washi tape brooches
* typo sale
* 1 600 likes

{ ideas magazine / idees tydskrif }
It was such an awesome day when I opened the Ideas magazine / Idees tydskrif for July 2014 and found a little snippet on Miss Milly! It was a proud moment for me as only I will know the amount of hours and tears and hard work that went into the last few months since I started with Miss Milly. I am a big fan of this magazine and to be mentioned in it, is a great honor!

{ frilly socks }
Finally cold enough weather so I could wear my pretty, girly, floral frilly socks from Cotton On!

{ washi tape }
I was super excited about my mega stash of washi tape that arrived via snail mail! Some awesome new color and design combos to work with!

{ annie sloan chalk paint }
I bought 3 beautiful colors of the famous Annie Sloan chalk paint and tried my hand at it for the first time by painting three crates I bought from Pep Home. They came out beautifully and I am totally hooked on this versatile paint.

{ elmien }
I visited my beloved friend Elmien from Owl & Fox and she set the prettiest girly table for us in soft pastel colors with delicious treats and our favorite tea, Earl Grey... She has perfected the art of hosting and making pretty! She spoiled me with a BOX full of birthday gifts, beautifully wrapped! I opened all of them but packed them back in the box to keep until it is my actual birthday when I will re-open them :) Such a special day with such a special person!


{ jelly tots }
The new Jelly Tots coated in white chocolate are just to die for! Have you tried it yet? I shall call it my "discovery of the month".

{ washi tape brooches }
Of all the brooches I make, the ones made from washi tape are my favorite! Aren't they just too beautiful? If you would like to see some more, head on over to Miss Milly's page on Facebook.

{ typo sale }
Very few things in life come close to a visit to Typo. And when they happen to have a sale, it is even better! Found some real pretties! I am now the proud owner of a stag head!

{ 1 600 likes }
It seems that Miss Milly grows by a hundred likes a month because it is exactly one hundred likes more than it was in last month's post! Thank you to each and every one following along!

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