Tuesday, 26 August 2014

blog series: for the love of { color } #003 brown

{ #003 brown }

Brown really is the most natural of them all. I love it for it's ruggedness and earthy feel. When I think about it, I see wood. And wood is another of my favorite mediums! Especially light wood, stained wood, painted wood. I love the texture of wood too. And the knots and grain of it.

To me it is a reliable color that represents the earth and every thing natural...

{ featured above... clockwise from top left }

* Wooden hearts
* Blind mongoose. Well he only has one eye.
* Piece of wood. From my love.
* Bow & Arrow. Made by my love.
* Round earrings. Worn by my mother in the 80's.
* Hand-carved elephant. By my love.
* Picture of that place that you don't know and never been to and probably never would go to... but that you dream of...

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