Tuesday, 8 July 2014

{ dear } June

Dear June,

Thank you for:

* peonies
* fabric tape
* new cover photos
* tins
the long weekend
* father's day
* early mornings
* planning
* new blog series: for the love of {color}
* mass production
* running

{ peonies }
I always have to run errands and buy groceries on behalf of my sweetheart... and he told me in the beginning when I just started doing it, to buy myself flowers "with his card" i.e. from him. This time round I found beautiful pink peonies from Woolworths and they actually lasted a whole 7 days, as promised on the packaging! I put a few in a vase on my desk in my craft room and the remaining ones in my bedroom.

{ fabric tape }
I love washi tape. Sigh. But that is no longer a secret! I do however love fabric tape just as much. Although I don't use it for my Miss Milly products, I use it for gift wrapping and to decorate things from time to time. I found these really pretty floral ones in mint and soft pink and can't wait to use them! 

{ new cover photos }
I take most of the photos for my Miss Milly Facebook page and Instagram feed with my mobile phone and then add filters and play around with it before I post it. However I very quickly realised that it is very important to have professional looking photographs for your catalogue and things like a Facebook page. So I hauled my sweetheart into the deal! He has a fancy smanchy Canon camera and I only had to show him once or twice what I had in mind. Thereafter he just turned into (what I would like to call) my personal "lifestyle photographer" hehehe. He snaps away at all angles - giving me loads of photographs to use for all different things as well as perfecting my cover photo every time. Go and have a look on the page to see what I mean! I love putting together the board for the photographs and it something I look forward to every time!

{ tins }
My lovely friend Tasha, asked me to make her some tins to accompany her lovely clipboards for her office. { If you missed the post, go and read all about it here} The tins were made to match each clipboard. These are so versatile and can be used to keep your pens, paint brushes, make-up brushes, even some pretty flowers! I am sure going to make myself a few for my craft room.

{ the long weekend }

I just love long weekends! (Don't we just all?!) This one was particularly nice because Mark had time off and we could spend it together. It was a lovely weekend of shopping, lunch, great company, movies and just quality time together. Something that I have learnt to treasure since he moved to the bush and our time together became less.

{ father's day }
It was yet another Father's day where I could not be with my dad but as always he was in my heart and prayers. If you missed the post, go and read all about it here}

{ 1 500 likes }
I was so overwhelmed. Like really. So much so that I actually cried a good few tears! I just could not believe that my Miss Milly had 1 500 likes on her Facebook page. That there was actually 1 500 people that liked her! I am so grateful to each and every one that liked and shared and commented on the page. Here's to a { 1 500 more }!!!

{ early mornings }
I had a whole week of early mornings towards the end of June. And although it was freezing cold every morning - it was such a blessing to see the sun rise beautifully over the bush every morning. It really made me realize that there is a clean slate, a fresh start with the breaking of each new day.

{ planning }
The last few days of June was spent with serious planning for the next half of the year. You can look forward to:
* a brand new catalogue,
* new products,
* a new blog series,
* clues for the { BIG reveal }
To name but a few! But Miss Milly (as always!) have so much more up her washi tape sleeve!

{ new blog series: for the love of color }
I launched a new blog series: for the love of colorI will reveal one favorite color per month; in all it's shades and hues and tones, and I will combine it with treasured trinkets, things I love and cherish and find pretty. I started off with my favorite color: white. If you missed the post, go and read all about it here}

{ mass production }
I am currently spending every free second of every hour, producing stock... and it's all for the BIG reveal } coming soon...

{ running }
I bought myself a pair of new road runners and although I am an avid walker I have been playing with the idea to start running again... maybe the amount of money I spent on them, will push me to actually do so!

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