Tuesday, 29 July 2014

blog series: for the love of { color } #002 pink

{ #002 pink }

When I think about pink, I see a soft, dirty pink. The color of the skies when the sun set in autumn in the bush. I am forever drawn to pink wherever I go and it is a color that will always catch my eye. The color of a real girl. All grown up but in her heart a little one!

To me it's a soft and gentle color that represents femininity and affection...

{ featured above... clockwise from top left }

* My "craft-tea-mug"
* Hanging owl ornament
* Pen from Typo and Lucy pen from Owl & Fox
* Notebook with Bambi
* Bracelets made from rose quartz. My mom and I made these together and each have a set. To feel close to each other, no matter how far apart.
* Earrings
* Lip stash. I seriously have a problem. If I featured my whole pink collection of lippies, it would have resulted in a separate blog post.

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