Monday, 26 May 2014

{ lost } but found... the story of a parcel

This is a bit of an embarrassing story... one with a happy ending though!

{ the background }
All my mail still goes to my parents postal address in Pretoria, from where I collect it when I visit them. Normally I collect it all, and quickly browse through it and then file it neatly in my TO DO tray when I get home.

My last trip to Pretoria in March was a bit of a rush and upon my return home, the mail was once again filed neatly in the TO DO tray... where it stayed.

{ the Instagram message }
Until 3 weeks ago when I received an Instagram message from Nadia van der Mescht, {you just have to follow this INCREDIBLE blog} asking if I received a parcel she sent off in March. Beginning of March to be exact. Parcel?! What parcel?! I backtracked a bit in my mind and remembered the unopened mail I collected from Pretoria!! *blush*

{ the blur and the bug }
The last month of my life is a real blur. Miss Milly started taking off in all directions, I was swamped with my day job and just not home long enough to actually be "on top" of things. Sometimes we just get so caught up that things and time goes by without you noticing it.

So on this Autumn Monday morning, a nasty flu bug that's been holding onto me for a week, forced me to take it easy. And I am home, tucked in under my mint fleece blankie, in a tiny spot of sun on my bed, with a nice cup of tea. And filing. *blegh*

And among all this horrible filing, there is a pretty fuchsia pink parcel waiting for me! From Nadia. I finally found it. And it could not have come at a better time.

{ the parcel }

{ the wrapping }
It was wrapped in typical Nadia style; with so much love and attention to detail { Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see more of her wrapping prettiness! }

{ the notebookthe pencil and bunny }
I was like a little girl when I opened it! And I was so happy with the contents! A notebook  and pencil. 

Now very few people will know how handy and right on time this notebook comes! Miss Milly has a BIG reveal } coming up soon and I needed an appropriate notebook for it. I looked through my collection of notebooks (Yes, I have a collection: I buy them when I like them and keep it for when I need them ;))to write down a few ideas but couldn't find the RIGHT ONE. Just to open the parcel and find THE ONE. It is branded at the back - and it is a super clever idea to remind people of you and your creative business. You are truly good at this Nadia!

Those of you that know me well enough, will also know that I LOVE a pencil and that I only write with a pen when I have no other choice. So a pencil to add to my collection is always a good thing! And it's in fuchsia pink!

She also added her business card with a cute bunny paperclip - right up my alley - seeing that I am so in love with all the woodland characters!

{ the THANK YOU }
Thank you so much Nadia! You have been such an inspiration to me from the start! Opening this parcel almost 3 months after you sent it, was perfect timing in many ways!

{ the start of it }
The whole thing started when I did a post on my blog and mentioned Nadia and how she inspired me. As a token of my appreciation, I sent her a little something to say Thank you. You can read all about in her post
{ A LOT of posting went on :p } 
In return, as a surprise, she sent me this lovely gift.

And that is the story of the parcel... that was lost but found in the end!


  1. What a lovely post and a lovely story! The parcel knew it needed the right time to be opened. I hope you feel much better and I'm happy the goodies are there for a new element in your business! xxx

  2. Thanks Nadia :) It definitely had perfect timing! I am sure it also added to me getting better ;) xxx