Thursday, 3 April 2014


WARNING: The following words are used quite frequently in this post
pretty, beautiful and lovely.

It's the strangest thing ever.

The fact that I have NEVER been to the Tierlantyn'kies market in Pretoria. I have heard much about it and when I became friends with Elmien {one of the three co-coordinators} I simply had to make a plan to go.

Tierlantyn'kies is held twice a year. And is a "celebration of creativity". The exhibitors sell a variety of goods, including: jewellery, clothing, gifts, toys and decor items and there are also food and deli stalls with delicious treats...

And so, finally, on Friday afternoon I arrived at Tierlantyn'kies. And my-oh-my! What an experience. I walked around for 2 hours non-stop and spent much more money than I originally budgeted for (Yes, I had a budget!).

Apart from the beautiful stalls and friendly stall owners / helpers, there was just so much charm all around. And such attention to detail, from little jars with fresh flowers on the wooden tables outside, to the bunting. When you arrive and pay for you entry, you even receive a pretty pastel colored bag, branded with their logo, for your purchases.

... and this is what I bought:

From oulik and {home of creative brands}
... some really cute, heart-shaped stickers. I bought pink, blue and mint. Perfect to add a bit of love to a parcel. They had such a charming stall - so simple but so pretty. 

You can find them on Facebook @ oulik and

From kaio
... some wooden blocks with deer on a floral background. I am planning on putting them up on the wall of my craft room...

What I found on their website just filled my heart with such an incredible feeling when I read the following: "The word "Kaio" from a Hebrew context means; "To set on fire". It goes without saying that our name, business and entire being is found in Jesus Christ Who has set our heart and business alight with His Holy Spirit."

So happy to know that I bought something from their beautiful stall. And that I met the wonderful Janice and Landis!

You can find them on Facebook @ kaio or on their website

From cut - handmade decor and accessories
... the prettiest brooch in the shape of a doily with a baby deer on. I simply cannot resist any brooch. And if it has a baby deer on it - it's sold!

The stall was just too magical for words and there was attention to detail everywhere! No wonder her stall was voted one of the prettiest stalls!

You can find her laser-cut pretties on Facebook CUT.

{See I've used the word pretty three times!}

From muga muga
... two brooches! Again one with a baby deer and another oval-shaped one with bird silhouettes.

I stood at the stall for a long time, picking up one after the other - indecisive among all the adorable brooches and earrings... and in retrospect: I have decided I need at least another 2 brooches. Make that 3. And a pair of earrings or two...

You can find her brooches and earrings on Facebook @ Muga Muga.

From mill'k
... keyrings, a brooch with a rhino and a heart-shaped wooden stamp. 

We recently changed locks at home and I have been procrastinating for a while to buy new keyrings - when I discovered the grey rhino and pink heart I knew I found our "his-and-hers" set.

The rhino brooch needs not much explanation, as my beloved Engelsman is fighting and flying for our rhinos... I will wear it very close to my heart.

The heart-shaped wooden stamp was just too pretty to resist. I am planning on some serious stamping...

You can find the variety of goodies on Facebook @ mill'k.

From little BIG things
... the loveliest lace-print stamps.

Not so long ago I ordered the light pink vintage wallet and dirty pink card holder. It comes in so handy and I just love the colours!

The stall was so incredibly beautiful and there are no words to describe it!

You can find all her lovely goodies on Facebook @ littleBIGthings.

From owl & fox
... little bags, beautiful ribbon and glass jars.

A girl can never have too many bags, whether it is little ones or large ones... these little ones are perfect for bobbi pins or coins.

The ribbon is printed with an owl and fox and would pretty up any parcel!

The glass jars would come in handy for storage in my craft room. 

I love the crisp look of the stall. With clean lines and bursts of colour! And of course the fact that it is my friendy Elmien's - makes it all the more pretty!

Previously I ordered a little bag {I did say that a girl can never have too many...} as well as some die-cut owl earrings in silver and gold. Elmien sent me a really adorable Bokkie ring as present. 

I have also bought three of the owl pendants - all the proceeds go to Missing Children SA {on Facebook Missing Children SA or their website}. Order the pendants to support a good cause, through Owl & Fox.

My last purchase was the Deerhead necklace, blue earrings that are just the most beautiful colour and a deer pendant.

You can find all sorts of owls and foxes on Facebook @ Owl & Fox.


And that was my shopping spree! I cannot wait for the next one in October 2014. If you have missed out this time round, make sure not to miss the next one! Like their Facebook page Tierlantyn'kies to keep in the loop!

PS: I told you I was going to use the words pretty , beautiful and lovely quite often :P


  1. Wow!!! Thank you so much!! So privileged :) LOTS OF LOVE FROM CUT Handmade Decor xox

    1. :) :) :) It's a pleasure to feature something so PRETTY!! xoxox

  2. Thanks miss Milly! You are awesome!!!!! you absolutely made my day, week and month! xxxx Marjorie, Muga Muga handmades

  3. Well then I am happy to hear that! It's the small and simple things in life that makes us crafters, happy :) :) x

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