Tuesday, 8 April 2014

ode to {Typo}


One word. That sums it all up and needs NO explanation.

If you've never heard the word Typo or never been in the company of people talking about Typo - you seriously need to reconsider the company you keep! {Just kidding}

Typo is a one stop concept store filled with super cool gift ideas, stationery and other irresistible products. And once you set foot in a Typo, you will instantly be addicted and never look back!

And that is exactly what happened to me! I discovered Typo about 2 years ago and was very conservative on my maiden trip... But as I my budget grew, I became less conservative! *blush

This is what I shopped on my last trip...

stamps } and pens }
Some real pretty stamps {if you ask me} - a flamingo (everything with a flamingo on is SO in right now!), a heart, a little birdie and a nice To and From... As mentioned in my previous post about Tierlantyn'kies - I am planning some serious stamping :p

The floral and heart pens were bought purely for the sake of the designs. However, the erasable highlighter in Tickled pink (what a cute name!) is something that I am keen to try.

2014 calendar }
The 2014 12-month calendar has incredibly gorgeous prints. I bought two sets - and I am planning on placing them all in A4 frames and decorate a whole wall in my craft room with it. Well, that is the intention as I have so many craft room projects lined up for 2014...

journal } and notebooks }
The A5 journal with the deer print, just once again shows my absolute love for deer... I will use it to jot down ideas for Miss Milly.

The little ones are small enough to go into my handbag and jot down ideas on the go. It's called Plain Jane and has a vintage floral print.

exercise books } and manilla folders }
The pack of 5 exercise books, called Woodlands (I know! Such quirky descriptions.) will come in handy for planning markets and displays.

The stencil floral manilla folders can be used for filing. I am already using one for an upcoming wedding and I keep all the planning and correspondence in it.

radio } and clipboard }
How gorgeous is this retro FM radio in mint? I am using it in my craft room as the other radio in the house has to be really loud in order for me to hear it. And crafting goes a long way with a bit of music in the background to inspire!

The clipboard is in a matching mint color and has a magnetic strip at the back to place on my fridge for shopping lists.

notebook } and mobile phone cover }
The A5 spinout notebook called Hoot Hoot (how quirky!) will also be used for ideas (a girl can never have too many notebooks and stamps and brooches!).

The matching  phone case was a lucky find as I have been looking for a nice phone case for a long time.

bags }
The Taylor bag and mini Taylor bag in Frankie blue is just so irresistibly pretty! And so it the reason behind buying both of them! Actually there is no reason. But I try to make myself feel better by justifying such an extravagant purchase!

In the morning when I went to Typo, i browsed and saw the small bag and it was love at first sight! But the price was a bit steep so I thought I would first see what else I want to buy and then consider it. But I ended up leaving without it - as I completely forgot about it once I started shopping. 
In the afternoon I decided to go back for it (when I finally remembered about it!) - when I got to the store, the shop assistant welcomed me back and laughed when I said I forgot to buy it in the morning. As I picked it up, he asked me if I wanted a small one and not a big one. My "There is a big one?" made him rush to the store room to fetch a big one. I stood there with both of them and just couldn't choose... Eventually I decided that I could easily go without food for the rest of the month, as long as I could have both. *blush

And that's how I landed up with both of them! I am yet to use them - but I am sure that I will never regret my purchase!

Luckily for me and my budget - I have outrageous Typo shopping sprees like this one, only once in a blue moon...

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