Monday, 3 February 2014

my top { L O V E s }

February... the month of { love }. The month that makes most of us completely gooey. (Well it makes me gooey.) The month that reminds you about the feeling that makes the world go round. The month when the price of red roses peak and the stores are filled with cheesiness from shelf to shelf.

{Source: Petra Boase}

I would be such a fake if I don't join in the world wide craze that is the month of Saint Valentine. And although I have much to say about love, I will stay true to the cheesiness and gooyeness that is February, and like an old romantic soul, and for the fun of it, list my Top romantic movies and songs to really get you in the mood for some L O V E :p

{ M O V I E S }

{ number 1 }
Dying Young
Sigh. Its SO 80s but its so beautiful!

{ number 2 }
Anna and the King
Okay. I know. But still!

{ number 3 }
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
I am not gonna say much. Watch it. And decide for yourself.

{ number 4 }
Message in a bottle | The notebook | Dear John | The vow ...
Well, actually ANY book by Nicholas Sparks that's been turned into a movie.

{ number 5 }
Griffin & Phoenix
Pack tissues. And then pack 2 boxes more. You will sob for days.

{ number 6 }
Untamed heart
Pack 2 boxes of tissues. And then pack another box. You will sob for weeks.

{ number 7 }
Great Expectations
Because love conquers all.

{ S O N G S }

{ number 1 }
The promise by Tracy Chapman
"Together again
it would feel so good to be
in your arms
where all my journeys end
If you can make a promise
if it's one that you can keep
I vow to come for you
if you wait for me

And say you'll hold
a place for me
in your heart"

{ number 2 }
We've got tonight by Bob Seger
"We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?"

{ number 3 }
Stille waters by Laurika Rauch
"Jy't gese ons liefde sal bly staan
al tuimel al die berge in die oseaan
doen vir my 'n gunsie voor jy gaan
gooi vir my 'n klippie,
'n klippie in die oseaan"

{ number 4 }
Burning love by Elvis Presley
"Your kisses lift me higher
like the sweet song of a choir
You light my morning sky
with burning love"

{ number 5 }
Bonfire heart by James Blunt
"Your love is like a soldier,
loyal till you die"

{ number 6 }
Lighthouse by Elvis Blue
"Miles away, I can look down from space
know where I've been
know where I am and where I'm going.
Lost at sea, I see you shine for me
you are my lighthouse,
you are my lighthouse"

{ number 7 }
You needed me by Anne Murray
"I cried a tear, you wiped it dry
I was confused, you cleared my mind
I sold my soul, you bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me dignity

You held my hand when it was cold
When I was lost you took me home
You gave me hope when I was at the end
And turned my lies back into truth again"


Well there is the cheese and goo! What are your Top romantic movies and songs? Let me know...

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