Monday, 10 February 2014

{ Love } makes my world go round

3 years ago I met a boy. One that I prayed for. And it took me a whole 12 hours to realize it.

At the end of 2010 I was in a miserable state. I had just broken up with a "boyfriend", (Mark referred to him as a fling because anything that lasts up to 3 months is considered a fling and not a boyfriend!) was in my 30s and clueless as to where I am gonna find someone, seeing that I was living in the middle of the bush surrounded by the creme de la creme of bad boys in every sense...

And so on a total random Friday night out, at the end of November, I met Mark. Turned out that we had mutual friends, lived in the same village for quite some time but just never met because His time was not right. Until that Friday night...

After initially giving him the cold shoulder, I warmed up and on Saturday afternoon I was throwing outfits around on the bed (so unlike me!) and trying to find a suitable pair of flip-flops.... all because I was going to watch a rugby game and he was going to be there. That Saturday night turned into an all-nighter and we landed up watching the sunrise in the most beautiful place on earth: a reservoir in Skukuza in the Kruger National park.


... and I was smitten.

On the Sunday we went for a game drive and within the first few minutes he found me an elephant {my favorite} and a lion {his favorite}...

and while watching the sun go down I told him about my love for the Lord and he nearly did a backflip off the koppie because right in front of him was a girl with something that he had always prayed for...


3 years later, we have pulled through incredible sadness, his Commercial pilot's license, hard times, foggy times, fun and crazy times and the most insane times (like the time we both got squashed into a tow truck... but that's a post for another century!) and we emerged through it stronger and different and happier and closer. And although we are facing a mountain ahead of us, with a year of almost total separation, as Mark embarks on a new journey to protect his beloved rhinos and fly for conservation, we are holding onto the Lord with all we have to pull us through this too.

I have learnt so much in the last 3 years with him...
  • what the true meaning of happiness is. Not because he makes me happy (I believe that no person can make you happy - you have to find your own inner joy) but because around him I can express that happiness inside me.
  • to believe. And trust. And pray. Repeat. And to never take my eyes off the Lord.
  • to not kill any living organism. Except for mosquitos and flies. And violin spiders. The rest must all live.
  • to be less serious. And sometimes to just let go and really live in the moment and have fun. And laugh till there's no air in your longs left to laugh with.
  • to dream. And dream big. And to pursue my dream.
  • to be a better person. One that cares less for myself and more for others. {in progress}
  • to be healthy. To eat healthy. Although he is probably the worst example at times when he easily finishes a nougat in one go...

I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have found someone like him. A best friend. A companion. Guide. Inspiration. I absolutely love and adore him. 

Through Mark I learnt to love God more than anything. More than myself. And more than him. To die daily to self. And selfishness and selfish thoughts.

When I fall to pieces, he makes sense. When I least deserve it, he loves me. He is romantic (yes! I know!) and can melt my heart in seconds with his charm. He is talented, but really sucks at Badminton. And Rock Paper Scissors. And Scrabble (there is no such word as Japs!) He loves rhinos and flying and keeps me on my knees with this.

Phew! I miss him :( But more than ever I hold onto our beautiful and precious love.

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