Monday, 6 January 2014

welcome to the world {of words} Miss Milly!

My dearest Miss Milly,

Welcome to our beloved world of words. A place where magic happens. And sometimes... when you add a bit of glitter to the world of words... it sets itself in stone.

There is no apparent or even remotely logic reason why I would even consider blogging. Especially not at my age. But I suppose my eternal love for words, reading, and writing caught me off guard and I had a momentary lapse of sanity. And the fact that I had too much data and stumbling upon a lovely blog post on {Trust} by CityGirlSearching. Roxy Hutton pushed me right over the edge with that post into the world of blogging!

The name Miss Milly is actually the name of my craft business. {Turned blog business it seems...} Miss Milly used to be Miss Ele but that's a story for a different day! So when I decided to 'go live' with Miss Ele I thought long and hard when I came across the inspiring Nadia vd Mescht and her need for change. And I was more than just inspired!

All I knew that my new name had to suit my desire to use my God-given creative talents to the best of my ability. Not knowing what name to choose I prayed about it. I knew I wanted it to start with Miss but the name eluded me. Different names came up but nothing sounded right. And then it came: Miss Milly! I jumped onto Google and I discovered the meaning: Servant for the temple. And that was how Miss Milly was born.

Miss Milly is about
birds and the beauty of vintage
craft and being happy
washi tape and wood
hearts and handmade
pastel and pretty
owls and foxes

It's all about {pink} ice cream!
And above all God.

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Here's to the { blog } and all my future follower(s) :p Be patient as this grows with me and my ancient HTML skills - but do stick around 'cos I will make it worth your while! For once a week I will transport you to a magical place of happiness <3

Theresa aka Miss Milly


  1. Thanks so much for the mention. Your blog is lovely - best of luck as you embark on this new journey. I'm sure it will be blessed! x