Monday, 20 January 2014

Miss Ele... {life} before Miss Milly

There is a reason I love living where I live... and it's { baby elephant }. There is something adorable about them. And to watch them as they discover life with their tiny trunks... is something that fills you with absolute awe. Or maybe that's just me.

I've had the privilege (and still have it, if not weekly, then at least every other week) to come across a herd with babies. And I will almost always stop, even just for a little while. In this little while, while I watch them, I always contemplate how I would be able to fit one in my car's boot... and then I dream of taking care of it at home, giving it cuddles and riding on it when it's grown. And somehow always someone has to burst my bubble: "But babe, what about it's mommy? She will miss it..." Usually Mark, ever-conservationist and realist - will bring me back to my ordinary life.

So this incredible love and fascination for not just baby elephant, but all elephants grew much when I moved here. Maybe I read Kringe in 'n Bos (Circles in a Forest) by Dalene Matthee one too many times. As the main character, Saul Barnard, and Oupoot, the legendary elephant bull had a "strange, mystical kinship" and Oupoot made appearances when Saul faced suffering - I too felt that in times of hardship, the Lord would send me an elephant... Whether it is real or just my imagination - it is what I would like to believe...

So when I just started off with serious crafting, I decided to call my business Miss Ele... And although my heart is still with the elephants, Miss Ele has made room for Miss Milly - go and visit her and fall in love with her on Facebook @ Miss Milly.